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Vintage boy doll

Vintage boy doll

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Doodle dolls color wash repeat for endless fun! Doodle dolls are an amazing gift, decoration or busy time activity.

What are doodle dolls? They are soft plush mini pillows with a stitched out design of your choice! Color, Wash, Repeat for endless fun and creativity!

Care instructions: Color, Wash, Repeat. For best results always use crayola ultra washable markers. If color ink is on for longer then 24 hours you can use fabric spray before washing. Normal wash, normal dry.

Small: approximately 5in by 7in ( varies based on design) comes with 3 ultra fine crayola washable markers

Medium approximately 6in by 10in (varies based on designs) comes with 3 ultra washable broad markers)

XL approximately 8in by 12in (varies based on design) comes with 5 ultra washable crayola broad markers.

Doodle dolls are made to order and will ship within 7 days.

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